Specially formulated with ONLY natural origin ingredients, we painstakingly sourced from all corners of the world to ensure that they meet our stringent quality and ethical standards.

  • French Polynesian Tiare Flower oil and Virgin Coconut Oil have been in Polynesian go-to beauty secret for centuries. They help stop protein loss in hair which has been shown to help stop hair breakage and improves volume for thicker, stronger hair.
  • Hydrolysed Soy Protein, derived from soy that will strengthen and mend hair fibers. It has been shown to increase moisture, and improve gloss and texture.
  • Red Onion nourishes and revitalises the hair follicles, which increases volume and helps hair regrowth. Based on a study published in the Journal of Dermatology, it was found that applying onion juice to the scalp helps hair regrowth.
  • Ginseng extract. Research has shown that ginseng might be beneficial for the growth of hair follicles. It also helps with circulation of blood in your scalp 
  • Natural Bamboo Charcoal that gently cleanses hair and scalp from dirt, dust, excess oil and any build-up that clogs your follicle which prevents new hair growth.